Unopened A. HARDY North de Diaman Decanter Crystal 750ml with replacement plug box

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Merchandise information

Type brandy
Brand / manufacturer A. HARDY / Hardy
type North de Diaman de Canter Crystal
Country of origin France
Liquid volume 750ml
A Lucole frequency 40%
accessories Replacement plug

Description of item

May leak


Unopened item

Stain, deposit, box Stain, box damage can be seen.

  • Please judge the wound and Stain etc. of the appearance by the image.
  • We have not confirmed the details of the flavor and the state of the cork.
  • Stain and Peel are available for boxed products.
  • As we do not know purchase time, the storage situation, please judge from details and image.
    (Please be sure to ask questions about the unclear points.)
  • Although it is unopened, since the storage period is not known, the capacity reduction, the deposit, and the guarantee of taste and flavor will not be done at all.
    Please order only if you understand.
  • As it will be old sake, there is also the possibility of liquid leakage.